Dintr-un Scenariu - Stefana

Spatele unei femei care se spala. In cada. Baia are un geam mare prin care intra lumina desi cada este in intuneric. Totul este invechit, fainata odata alba acum ingalbenita, cada cu email rupt, covorase murdare pe jos. O oglinda cojita sub care un raft de sticla murdara si citeva sticle de parfum si de fixativ. Un pahar colorat de periute de dinti si o singura periuta.
Pe masina de spalat sint hainele ei aruncate si citeva ziare si citeva rebusuri si un creion cu guma la celalalt capat.
Este o femeie trecuta cu pielea moale care ii atirna, o spala ca si cum ar vrea sa si-o puna la loc sa fie din nou intinsa frumos sa poata iesi afara din casa fara sa se simta vinovata si handicapata ca nu mai are cu ce sa atraga privire din jur.
Oglinda este aburita.
STEFANA isi spala calciiele cu o piatra ponce innegrita de vreme. Cu ea se spalau si copii ei cind erau mici.
Detaliile unei femei care se spala in umbra.
(Ferestrele sint aburite, afara se vad masini care trec, niste forme fantomatice care nu se aud deloc.)

there is no awakening

Freedom is something that we create.
Something we have to build.
There is no awakening.
Is building awakeness.

the gesture of looking

For me film is about the gesture of looking. About the feeling of looking at an unreachable point. Film/screen, moving image is touch.
Is a personal, emotional, point of view about forms. An exercise of reaching inside other people's soul, beyond their own consciousness.
Beyond any form or object. Into its own otherness. Purity covered by the machine.

conflicts with society

Man portrayed on the stage is significant as a social function. It is not his relationship to himself, nor his relationship to God, but his relationship to society which is central. Whenever he appears, his class or social stratum appears with him. His moral, spiritual or sexual conflicts are conflicts with society.

this is worth exploring

I am not saing 'this is it', 'this is the way' - I say 'this is worth exploring', 'this worth finding what it is about, dealing with it, playing with it, fighting with it'
I am not a preacher, I am an explorer. I don't have answers, I have only interesting questions.

For a Pure Society

Pornography is art, a dramatic art, experimental, where characters are striped naked of their personality, and the story is striped to its core essentials - the interaction and play of active/passive and passive/active.
Pornography is essential storytelling. 3 acts, same place, no jumps in time.
Porn is subtle poetry. Porn is tragedy. It respect all that Aristotle is. It is cathartic.
All other stories are dilutions of Porn. Are euphemisms of porn. Are desperate, painful attempts to touch the same intensity, purity and catharsis.

Monotonous, repetitive, again and again and again only to be transgressed, only to be sublimated.

Porn is possible only in a pure society. In a humane world. 

The pornography that I am talking is already post-porn in a post-ironic world.

Friday Filmstills

Stills from unknown weird little films.

Rio Das Mortes - Fassbinder

"In Rio das Mortes, I realized for the first time that Rainer was fully in charge as director. He stylized Hanna and Günther Kaufmann not just on film but right there in real life. The way those to acted—nobody talks that way and nobody walks that way. If finally understood that he used this artificiality as a tool. That was something special."

Linear A - synopsis in english

Linear A is a noise music band made up of Linn and Valerie. They set up for a performance at an abandoned locks. Omondu, their friend films the, more against their will than being happy to be promoted by someone.
Somewhere far away, over the lake, a small girl just lays around waiting to die of hunger and thirst. Hearing their noise she stands up, naked, and looks at them. Linn sees her and then Omondu who turns and films her.
After they stop singing, they leave without contacting at all the girl - Yba. But she runs after their car. Valerie stops the car and takes her with them. Linn is against.
At their home, Omondu proposes to Linn and Valerie to make a porn film for money. Valerie leaves the room without answering and takes Yba with her, in the courtyard they play with their fingers in the earth.
In the house Omondu films Linn and annoys him with it, not letting him write his poems. He has a few lines written down but he cannot continue. Linn takes his camera and films Omondu. He puts Omondu to take his clothes off and tell him how he feels. Yba comes in the house through the window and then comes near Omondu while Linn is filming, she answers to Linn questions, she said "I feel like a crumbled paper"

Yba is sleeping and she starts talking in her sleep, a very strange dream, with three women with big nails made out of wood that dig deep inside a man's organs. Yba is one of them and she can't stop, she is drawn towards that man's insides. Linn listens to her and then while sleeping he takes her into Omondu's car and go to a big abandoned furnace to sing again.
In the car Linn ties Yba in the shape of a plastic bag.
At the Furnace Linn dances naked with his body painted red, black and blue. He sings weird lyrics as: "I wonder at the open flower of the crippled lady's middle" Valerie is concentrated at the electronics of the sound, she creates the sound, with a laptop, a mixer, and effect and strange electronics.

In the city near a busy road, in an abandoned building Omondu and Valerie have sex. Yba is beside them, he looks at them. Valerie whispers - Harder, harder...
Valerie asks Omondu for some money, he thought this will be a great fuck between friends but being asked for money makes him feel very weird. He gives her and then leaves. Yba and Valerie remain there she is naked, he asks her: "How could you define this pleasure?"
Valerie and Yba are on the streets, they buy sweets and soda with the money from Omondu. Valerie writes on a wall "Don't be afraid of the ugly" Valerie dances with her white big headphones on.

Linn is kissing Yba in a decorum filled with light. Then in black talking Linn and Valerie - Valerie tells Linn she can't love him. There is no love.

Omondu comes at their house with his uncle - Banil, something that Linn was always against, although the house in which they live is Banil propriety. Banil is on a couch looking at Linn how he prints a book. A book written by Linn, a book without a subject. Omondu holds Yba in his arms. Yba doesn't like it. She like Linn, she love's Linn. Linn prints the book and gives it to Banil, Banil reads a fragment and trows it on the ground. Its stupid. He leaves.
Banil came here to see what is his nephew doing. What is this band that he talks so often about. These pure artists that would die for their art. "They bring dead things to life"

Valerie sings for the first time. She yells on stage. She is alone. Linn is in the public. The small crowd in a very small art gallery. After the performance Yba helps her to stand. She gave it all. She gave all her inner rage. Outside Linn stops her and yells at her that she shouldn't perform for herself, for getting over things. Their performance is about and for others, not for themselves.

Valerie gets out of bed, takes Yba and leave Linn. They go into some woods where they play and where Yba tells Valerie why she wanted to die.
Linn is alone. At his house comes Omondu very upset. His rich uncle didn't understood at all his love for Linear A.
Now Omondu wants to become one of Linear A. to renounce it all and become a part of Linear A. Banil comes after Omondu and stills him from the house and takes him somewhere in the mountains in a small chalet. Omondu runs away and goes to a rival of Banil's, to destroy Banil's business. Constance takes Banil and puts him in a basement to force Banil to accept their demands. Banil refuses but would make the deal if she - Constance will be his girlfriend and associate and will agree to keep Omondu in the dungeon. Constance remains with Banil but them helps Valerie to take out Omondu from the basement.
Valerie and a sick Omondu run away. Yba remains with Constance. Linn is inside a swer, living there and continuous meditating. There are flowers all around him. Valerie comes and said goodbye. Linn doesn't brake meditation.
Constance talks at the phone with her father, the rival of Banil. "And where will them two go now?" "Nowhere, they will be back soon."




For many a pornographic film, for me, a Zen story, somehow inspired by  Akio Jissoji sand ATG in Buddhist trilogy.

"Pornography is the raw material for art, for the world for reality, for good and bad. All the paradoxes, all the attractions are there. One in the other. And from there you should be reborn. You are creators. The Primordials. Your own gods. Isn't it...? Don't you want to attack them? Don't you want to destroy them?"

The Spectator

From the film Dormi Trezeste-te (Sleep Awake) 2012

an answer or a question

Do you want to play beautiful roles in beautiful films? Or hardcore ones in trash films, painful and provocative?
Do you want to become a star, respected and loved by all. Or a free spirit, misunderstood and contested by all?
An answer or A question?


We all hide behind a Tool, a Craft, a Persona. No matter how hard we try, trough what kind of intervention, we can only recarve and change and rename our Tools. There is no way out, there is only a way in. And that Way is a silent one, a blind one.


My films blind the spectator.
My films are like drapes in front of drapes in front of drapes.

I do not want to seduce the spectator.
I leave the spectator alone in a jungle filled with dangers and repulsions.
Easily, very easily following him through his excruciating trip.

Side Stories - Linear A

Linear A va fi acompaniat de alte citeva mici filme.

Un Lac - unde aflam mai multe despre relatia dintre Yba, Omondu si Constance si cum Yba foarte bolnava si dependenta de Omondu fuge catre nicaieri pina ajunge la Ecluza.

Camera Mica - unde il vom gasi pe Linn innainte de a incepe sa cinte ca sta singur intr-o camera de mai bine de un an. Si la care vine fosta si marea lui iubirea pentru a-l scapa cumva de acolo.

Initiation - este un performance in care Valerie impreuna cu sora ei Oana trec printr-o initiere bizara in care ei ii sint taiate hainele si este atinsa de 5 oameni deodata. Un ritual pentru a o ajuta sa poata sa se deschida emotional la apropierea corporala/emotionala cu ceialati oameni din grup. Dar vor aparea probleme si Valerie va fugi de toti si il va intilni pe Linn.

+ Joi Seara - despre o seara intre Sora Valeriei, Oana, si prietenul ei, seara in care afla ca este insarcinata si bolnava de hepatita C. Amindoi sint bolnavi. Un film despre 'asta e'-ul romanesc, atit de salvator.
Povestea este innaintea Linear A. Cumva explica legatura dintre Oana, Valerie si parintii lor. Stim din Linear A ca Valerie a plecat de acasa si nu mai vrea sa vorbeasca cu parintii ei.
+ Deleted Scenes 
- Omondu se intilneste prima data cu Linn si Valerie, acestia cintind in cimp linga cortul in care locuiesc.