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 Beings is the second feature film of Stefanescu Andrei, after Sleep Awake in 2012, is also a no-budget film, this time shot in Berlin with a small magical crew in the autumn of 2014.
It is a contemplative film about Eva a girl that leaves everything behind, a deep friendship with her friend Anna and her betrayed love for Teo, to lose herself into light. To get away from her skin and become perfect so that she will be loved by Teo.
The story begins with Eva having a epileptic fit and being kicked out by Teo instead of being helped. This starts the crisis of Eva and her desperate return to Teo and then the failed night of love. Everything brakes loose. Not only her, but also Teo who out of guilt begins his descent into madness together with Anna, Eva's best friend that also loves Teo irrational and against any moral or law.
Eva's trip has no goal but in her journey each step is like a magic moment like a step outside reality until she becomes one with the sky forgetting everything she is and starting new.
Eva runs away from everyone but faith makes it so that Ana finds her again on the streets. They are taken by a driver that wants to help them not to the hospital but, at the desire of Eva, into an industrial nothingness from where Eva gets lost. From where Anna renounces to get her back. Where the only one that doesn't quit but also doesn't impose himself to Eva is the driver.
But the sun is setting.

#Beings - trailer 2


I always thought myself somewhere between cinema and photography and painting. Somewhere between fiction and reality. Somewhere between real and emotional physics. Between Rational and Social logic. Somewhere between Western, Middle and Eastern cultures. Somewhere between Art and Entertainment. Between Weirdo and Normal. Between Life and Death.
And I thought I will be recognized as being all, but now I know better.
Everybody said - you are not one of us. 
And they are so right because all this time I only said -
I am not one of you.

Art vs Art

People want Art to comfort and ease their fear of loneliness and meaningless fail at life.
That is why we have Culture.

And there is another thing, unfortunately also called #Art that wants People to confront their innate nature and brake free from Death from our terror of death and its absolute loneliness.

These two kinds of Art, actually divide People in two different kinds of human beings. Those that create and sustain societies for the sole reason of safety and comfort. And those that use their life to explore with their own body, mind and soul the inner windings of what 'be', 'have', 'am' might be and how they function and how they create perception, experience and life.

truth lost in the process

Is traditional way of life connected with meaning and life only through responsibility, through the burden of desires, through the instinct of becoming apart of the norm? Does it have a deeper meaning? A connection with the soul or is just fake? A fake violently painted in righteousness.
I find so many arguments that proves me it is Fake.
But something tells me there is something there original truthful but lost in the process.

I am so afraid knowing that so easy one can create self sustainable worlds. Disconnected from the deep, from the soul, from the breath. From the magic.

#BEINGS - trailer

#Beings - stills from the movie

Finish shooting #Beings

We finished shooting #Beings, it was an amazing extreme experience, every day on the verge of not making it at all. The people involved are magical people, every day of our almost 12 day of shooting I was amazed by their love and support of this project. Every day we had amazing luck and miracles wthouth which this project wouldn't have been possible.
It seems that the miracle of the film poured outside into the world transforming it so that we can walk through.
Catalin Jugravu, Andeea Furrer, Doro Hohn, Elder Roche, Mario Janad, Jehona Jahaj, Piotr, Emma, Ralf, Ofir, Loni, and this amazing surreal place called Berlin, are all alchemical elements in creating #Beings.

From he beginning I wanted to be a magical film, and I tried not to just make it. But to find the place and time and people for it to fly. To break through the sky into another kind of reality. Outside reality. And it did. This film project proves that magic is all around us. And that we live in a continuous miracle. And that all we have to do is to search for it. Is not reason, not logic, but miracle. Amazing all inspiring surprising and ecstatic miracle.

This is my second film and the second time all this crazy amazing things connect and happen and wake us up and bring to us the bewildering fabric of reality.

Vietati - graphic story

This is the first and only page out of the Graphic Story called BEINGS (Vietati). An abandoned project started in 2013.



The New Help
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No moving parts - thinking about the tape, vinil, cassete, cd - now the sd cards - tehnology changes thinking, ch philosophy
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Mistical intuition of scientific truth
brain areas/function
Morphic fields
Murdered sounds
No days no months no years
24 degrees celsius
People are toys
Intelectual fallacy

Only the recorded life is fufilling
(real) - bidemnsional reality
Humanist concuktion
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The 3rd chapter
Life is electronic
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Character and action
Fear made me selfish
I like pink foods
Carcasse mentaal
Erotic contact
After effect
I am not one of you
Anal chamber
Fixed matrix of spheres

Izometric - care pastreaza distanta a doua puncte oarecare - contractie a unui muschi fara ca acesta sa se poata scurta, raminind la aceeasi lungime
Have a break
I am not one of you
Safety sucks
I wanna be a sitting duck
The body manipulates the mind
Falling of the table
The Cheruvim robot in Eden
Infundat in gind
Pain is consequence
The un-reality of real life
Un tuned society
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Don't be afraid of the ugly
My brain is not active
Unificarea creierului mama
Art as pet
Last noun

Xxx Safety sucks - used

Vietati - cinema du corp - artwork

On the bed - artwork for VIETATI

VIETATI - DIY film project - post-cinema

Pregatim un alt film no-budget.

A contemplative film where after a stroke, Eva crosses Life as crossing the Bardos towards rebirth, in another story exploring the inexistence of Death.

4 personaje in deep muted suffering. 4 personaje cu sufletul deschis in fata greselilor si abuzurilor bunatatii si dragostei celorlalti.

VIETATI - a film about holding on so painfully on that little thing that makes us human.

Un film despre o fata care care atinge limita existentei ei, o fata care se crede moarta, care trece prin Bardo. In acelasi timp este o calatorie printr-o relatie complicata despre cautarea unui inteles al dragostei, after the damage has already been made.

"Eva s-a trezit dar nu a deschis ochii inca.  Asculta linistea din camera si de afara. Simte ca este prea dimineata dar nu mai poate sa doarma. O oboseala calda ii deschide ochii mari si frumosi, numai pe jumatate. Viseaza si este treaza. Isi simte gura incarcata cu un miros greu. Ochii plini de puchi si pielea matuita. Nu ii place de loc de ea. Vrea sa se ridice si sa se duca sa se spele – sa invie. Dar este bine in pat sub patura calda si pozitia ei este asa de comoda... Patul se misca. Teo se ridica incet. Este frig."

cinema du corp

the Better World

All the good people want to make this world a better place. More beautiful and hopefully happier.
But let us supose all the world has became beautiful. What now?
How would the people think, feel, desire? What kind of people would be?
Would the people see all as beauty. Or would a sort of general beauty be posible for all?
A post-human world.

Post-Cinema is the cinema we do


international in setting, culture, social
meta in purpose
focused on inner experience and turmoil

It is another kind of performance, another kind of looking at a moving image. It is an image. The actor plays himself as acute and deep as he can. The characters have open hearts and vulnerable souls. It is not what they do but what they feel. Is the story of a feeling.
Is narrative art that explores feelings in emotional form. Is not about behavior anymore. Is about the extension and expression of special feelings.
No more Love and Dread. Our inner universe is so much more than that.
Is not action, is only emotion.
The spectator is involved is not only shown something. He has to figure things out. He has to make his own mind.
There is no ending, no conclusion. All stories are open. For our lives are always open. Always surprising.
Is another kind of outlook on life.

PostCinema is the cinema we do.

Sport vs Art

Sport is not Art
never look at Art with the expectations of Sport
Art is sacrifice
Sport is conquest


Mediacritica - Sleep Awake - review

 Another great review for Sleep Awake, this time in Italy.

“Ogni lingua ha un suo silenzio” (Elias Canetti)
“Il silenzio è il linguaggio di tutte le forti passioni, dell’amore (anche nei momenti dolci), dell’ira, della meraviglia, del timore” (Giacomo Leopardi, Pensieri). Tale considerazione sembra permeare l’intera essenza di Sleep Awake, opera prima e indipendente del cineasta rumeno Andrei Stefanescu.
È un’atmosfera dal forte sapore pinteriano a scandire l’incontro tra i due giovani protagonisti, Irina e Ilie, i quali si scrutano intensamente al parco, intavolano un fugace dialogo e decidono di “consumare” il loro primo ed unico rapporto sessuale fino all’inaspettato epilogo che segnerà la vita di entrambi. Ed è un interminabile silenzio tra un dialogo e l’altro a metaforizzare il turbamento interiore della “coppia per un giorno” e a cadenzare l’espressività e gestualità dei due giovani. Un vero e proprio cinéma du corps, dunque, quello proposto da Stefanescu, concettuale e sensoriale allo stesso tempo. Onirico e viscerale, Sleep Awake si avvale di uno stile strettamente amatoriale (evidente è l’utilizzo della camera a mano per buona parte delle riprese) e documentaristico, con ampio spazio all’improvvisazione recitativa e a brevi ed incisivi monologhi.
Caratteristica dell’opera prima di Stefanescu è, inoltre, una dilatazione e scansione dei tempi narrativi secondo una logica naturale più che filmica. A tal proposito, si pensi alla passeggiata dei due amanti verso casa di lui prima dell’atto sessuale – il tutto cronometrato nei minimi dettagli e con un dosaggio centellinato del montaggio. A fare da sfondo è un utilizzo minimale della colonna sonora, presente in sole due scene chiave del film e intervallata dal suono diegetico di un cellulare che squilla. Attorno al vuoto esistenziale dei due giovani si dipana la desolazione di una Bucarest indifferente e spettrale, quasi ad omaggiare l’immagine straniante della periferia francese ne L’età inquieta del cineasta Bruno Dumont. Ed è proprio la città la terza protagonista della pellicola. Deserta e distaccata, fatta di graffiti e di quartieri notturni dalle mille finestre e dai portoni monocromi in stile anni ‘30, Bucarest sembra scrutare i due protagonisti con la sua enigmatica freddezza, quasi fosse un fantasma omnisciente a vegliare su di loro. La sua unica presenza nella notte si manifesta nella nebbia serale che avvolge i corpi di Irina e Ilie, quasi a separarli anziché unirli, sigillando così l’incolmabile vuoto comunicativo tra di loro.

the review continues here:

"Every language has its own silence" (Elias Canetti)"Silence is the language of all the strong passions of love (even in the desserts), anger, wonder, fear" (Giacomo Leopardi, Thoughts). This consideration seems to permeate the whole essence of Sleep Awake, the first work of the independent Romanian filmmaker Andrei Stefanescu.
This atmosphere has a strong flavor Pinter to mark the meeting between the two young protagonists, and Irina Ilie, who is peering intently at the park and attempting a fleeting dialogue and decide to "consume" their first and only sexual intercourse until 'unexpected epilogue that will mark both their lives. And it is an unending dialogue between silence and the other to create a metaphor for the inner turmoil of the "couple for a day" and punctuate expression and gestures of the two young men. A real cinéma du corps, therefore, that proposed by Stefanescu, sensory and conceptual at the same time. Dreamlike and visceral, Sleep Awake uses a strictly amateur style (evident is the use of hand-held camera for most of the shoot) and documentary, with ample room for improvisation of acting and short and incisive monologues.

Characteristic of the work before Stefanescu is, also, a dilation and scan times narrative according to a logic that more natural filmic. In this regard, we think of the two lovers to walk towards his house before sexual activity - all timed to the last detail and with a dosage sipped assembly. In the background is a minimal use of the soundtrack, present in only two key scenes in the film and spaced from the diegetic sound of a phone ringing. Around the existential emptiness of the two young unravels the desolation of a spectral Bucharest and indifferent, as if to pay homage to the image of alienating the French suburbs The Age restless filmmaker Bruno Dumont. And it is the city's third star of the film. Deserted, detached, without graffiti and nightclub districts with thousands of windows and doors in monochrome '30s, Bucharest seems to scrutinize the two protagonists with its enigmatic coolness, like a ghost omnisciente to watch over them. Its only presence in the night is manifested in evening mist that envelops the bodies of Irina and Ilie, almost to separate rather than unite them, thus sealing the unbridgeable communication gap between them.

the review continues here: